it’s tuesday, and that means more taro shiba advertisements!


last week’s advertisement for netflix was a success. although my humans didn’t get me into last week’s friday flickr finds, we did, according to fellow shiba Zuko (@demondogsports), increase netflix’s stock price (article here). we also made it onto the hacking netflix flickr feed (screenshot). also, in a late update, one of the pictures from the taro shiba advertisement for netflix was used in this article in the consumerist on 8-31-2010. so, all-in-all, a good week.


this week, i did a taro shiba advertisement for starbucks. my humans like to get these on saturday mornings after our trip to the dog park. i always try to lick them… the whipped cream is delicious!


hope you enjoy these as much as i did when i was letting my humans take these pics!


UPDATE: this photo set made it onto FYEAHSHIBAINU.

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