recap of last week’s shiba advertisement for starbucks

last week’s taro shiba advertisement for starbucks was a huge success!


it was on FYEAHSHIBAINU, which is basically the place for shibas to be featured.


also, as you tweeting shibas know, my picture made it onto the consumerist’s friday flickr finds! i’m not only very pleased with that, but my humans have also checked another small life goal off their list!


and, in a late update, it turns out that one of taro shiba’s advertisements for netflix has been used in this consumerist article about netflix (8.31.2010). hooray! thanks to human Vi and shibas Loki and Jujube of the Misadventures of a Shiba Inu for bringing this to our attention!


this week’s taro shiba sdvertisement will be up later on tuesday…it’s about something that i think all shibas enjoy if they get the chance. i hope you like it!


and remember… if you have a shiba advertisement, make one and put it on the web. we’d love to see yours!

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