back in july of this year, i went to shibapalooza in southern california. it was hosted by the shiba club of southern california and it took place at tri-city park in placentia. while there, not only did i meet Yuki (@walkingyuki), Kage (@kage_the_shiba) and a bunch of other cool shibas (like Odin, who has one blue eye!), i participated in the shortest male shiba contest and some raffles. we also took lots of pictures (you can see them here, on my flickr).


i was definitely the smallest shiba, and was even shorter than the shortest female (who was just over a year old). i got a cool little gift bag from that contest (prize pic here). it was that treat pack that got me hooked on Zuke’s Salmon Treats and Ziwi Lamb & Liver Good Dog Treats. after the contest, i even took a picture with the tallest male shiba, which Kaiju’s mom thinks is funny (here).


in addition to those cool ‘shortest male shiba’ prizes, my humans and i also won about 5 or 6 different raffle prizes. the picture at the top of this post is a picture of all of our winnings unboxed (plus some other things on my humans’ desk). that’s a lot of stuff to eat, use and play with!


why am i bringing up all this now? well, i, taro the shiba, recently won a prize via the internet. it’s from another shiba and it’s super tasty and i’ll tell you all about it tomorrow! 


in the meantime, have a good wednesday!

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