why do all the bigger doggies always pick on me? huff.


this picture shows why sections of parks for small or inactive dogs are such a great idea. i love to play ‘chase me’, but that’s different than being pestered, chased incessantly and cornered. 


disclaimer: i actually liked the dog chasing me in the photo. but a siberian husky and another dog were a little rough with me last night and that’s why i wanted to share. this, though, was the best pic we had of me being chased. your humans simply can’t get good pics during the times when they’re busy protecting you.


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  1. puppydaze said: I was so excited to take Mitsu to a dog park for the first time, but I’ve decided to hold off until she is bigger and more mature. We’re starting with doggy daycare for more socialization first. I’ve heard too many horror stories :(
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