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it’s a taro shiba goofy photo friday! and this week, i’m showing off my shiba shake!


why am i shaking? well, june 23rd is the shiba prom, which is an online interaction/party for shibas and other pooches. there will be a raffle and some contests, too. [read more here] money raised from the even will be donated to shiba rescues. it doesn’t look like i’ll be able to make it, but i’m sure shibas everywhere will be shaking the day away.


since i won’t be able to make it, i’m donating some money to NYC Shiba Rescue on behalf of my dear Kicho and some money to Arizona’s Animal Guardian Network on behalf of my pack.


kiyomi’s dancing contribution is her half-sit. she’s an expert at this move.


there’s another cool thing going on this week: a pet video contest on veetle. veetle is an awesome streaming video app. some of you may have seen this saved streamed video of rinji, mika, kiyomi & i. the winner of the contest (judged by most views) gets $200 for their favorite non-profit pet rescue or shelter organization & a $50 gift certificate to wag.com! [read more]


i’m planning on entering this weekend. kiyomi and i are already plotting what to do. i hope you shibas post some cool videos. 


have a great weekend!


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