shibas just love to be under furniture

Yesterday, Dakota (@DakotaTheInu) tweeted:

Crawling under the recliner. What’s wrong wif dat?



Keido under the desk

 Earlier this week, Keido (@Keido) posted this photo (left) showing himself

 under his human’s office desk.







phineas the shiba under the bed

And, before that, Phineas (@PhineastheShiba) posted this photo (right) of   himself under his humans’ bed.





well, i, taro, wanted to join in the under-the-furniture trend (which i love to do!).
here are two recent photos of me under the couch. enjoy!


taro (@_tar0_) under the couch 1


taro (@_tar0) under the couch 2



UPDATE: Keido (@Keido) told us about another shiba under furniture. This time it’s Niko of Our Shiba Inu under a table.

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