shiba advertisements

my humans have a goal. it’s a simple one, but they hope to achieve it nonetheless. what is it? they hope to get a picture of me onto a post on


the one problem is, doesn’t talk much about dogs (unless there’s a recall on kibble). so, i used my #ShibaMindControl to impart to my humans an ingenious idea: take pictures of me with different brands in our house. it’ll maximize the potential opportunities for me to be the lead photo of a post!


starting on 8/17, i’ll give you our first taro shiba advertisement… stay tuned, shibas! (and feel free to start your own shiba advertisement galleries!)

taro’s first shiba advertisement: netflix! i love those envelopes. i steal them every chance i get… delicious and fun to shred, they get the taro shiba seal of approval.


UPDATE: fellow shiba Zuko (@demondogsports) informs us that just 1 day after this advertisement we had this headline “Netflix Stock Continues To Defy Gravity: Up Another 30% In 2 Weeks.” it looks like this advertisement worked! 


UPDATE 2: this photo was on the hacking netflix flickr feed (screenshot).


UPDATE 3: this photo was used for a consumerist article on 8.31.2010. thanks to human Vi and shibas Loki and Jujube of the Misadventures of a Shiba Inu for bringing this to our attention!

it’s tuesday, and that means more taro shiba advertisements!


last week’s advertisement for netflix was a success. although my humans didn’t get me into last week’s friday flickr finds, we did, according to fellow shiba Zuko (@demondogsports), increase netflix’s stock price (article here). we also made it onto the hacking netflix flickr feed (screenshot). also, in a late update, one of the pictures from the taro shiba advertisement for netflix was used in this article in the consumerist on 8-31-2010. so, all-in-all, a good week.


this week, i did a taro shiba advertisement for starbucks. my humans like to get these on saturday mornings after our trip to the dog park. i always try to lick them… the whipped cream is delicious!


hope you enjoy these as much as i did when i was letting my humans take these pics!


UPDATE: this photo set made it onto FYEAHSHIBAINU.

recap of last week’s shiba advertisement for starbucks

last week’s taro shiba advertisement for starbucks was a huge success!


it was on FYEAHSHIBAINU, which is basically the place for shibas to be featured.


also, as you tweeting shibas know, my picture made it onto the consumerist’s friday flickr finds! i’m not only very pleased with that, but my humans have also checked another small life goal off their list!


and, in a late update, it turns out that one of taro shiba’s advertisements for netflix has been used in this consumerist article about netflix (8.31.2010). hooray! thanks to human Vi and shibas Loki and Jujube of the Misadventures of a Shiba Inu for bringing this to our attention!


this week’s taro shiba sdvertisement will be up later on tuesday…it’s about something that i think all shibas enjoy if they get the chance. i hope you like it!


and remember… if you have a shiba advertisement, make one and put it on the web. we’d love to see yours!

this week’s taro shiba advertisement is for toilet paper.


more specifically, this ad is for charmin toilet paper (they were all out of costco’s kirkland brand last time my consumerist-loving humans went to costco).


as a shiba, i love toilet paper. why? because it’s paper and paper is fun to tear apart. but do you know what my favorite thing about toilet paper is? after my ferocious shiba teeths shred the outer layers of paper, i get to destroy the inner cardboard roll. it’s multiple layers of mess-making destruction and awesomeness!


i’m definitely not the only shiba who loves toilet paper; click here to see Phineas the Shiba playing with toilet paper. or, click here to see a super-cute shiba stealing a toilet paper roll.


anyway, i hope you enjoyed these. i’ll get my humans to post another taro shiba advertisement next tuesday!

recap of last week’s taro shiba advertisement + links

last week’s taro shiba advertisement was a modest success.


it got some attention on FYEAHSHIBAINU (here and here), but that’s about it. while it might eventually find use elsewhere—like a consumerist article about toilet paper recalls?—it seems like last week’s advertisement met its potential. 


hopefully, though, one of our advertisements will go viral. and, until that happens, i’ll get my humans to keep taking photos of me with different products.


but that might be a long time in coming. so, for your enjoyment in the interim, i’ve compiled a list of links to our flickr account, which has all our recent taro shiba advertisements:


hope you like these. and remember, our new taro shiba advertisement will be up this afternoon!

this week’s taro shiba advertisement is for the nation magazine.


a quick word to help you understand this advertisement: i only chew the things i love. i love the nation, as do my humans. if i didn’t like the nation, i’d use it like puppies use newsprint… and if anyone wants to give me a copy of the wall street journal, i’d be happy to demonstrate what i mean by that.


anyway, my humans are subscribers to the nation. when they’re done enjoying an issue of the nation, they give it to me to enjoy. of course, we enjoy it a bit differently; they read it, i chew it. but, hey, in this arrangement, we all win.


i hope everyone enjoys this taro shiba advertisement. here’s a link to my flickr set containing these photos. and, per usual, there will be a new one taro shiba advertisement next tuesday!

recap of last week’s shiba advertisement

last week was just an okay week for our ads… until this morning!


per usual, last week’s ad for the nation magazine made it to FYEAHSHIBAINU (first by reblogging the original post, later by using this submitted post).


then, the netflix taro shiba ad (original here) was picked up by the consumerist… again!


but this morning, the nation magazine, the oldest still-running weekly publication in the United States, retweeted last week’s shiba advertisement!


the nation retweets taro's the nation advertisement


is this the beginning of the big time for yours truly, taro the shiba? we’ll see…


by the way, you can see my flickr set for the nation advertisement by clicking here. and, it’s tuesday, so a new taro shiba advertisement will be up this afternoon!

tuesday =  time for another taro shiba advertisement!  this week’s ad is for in-n-out.


we’re in AZ, so while many of you have never tried in-n-out, we live in one of the few states where residents can regularly munch on this delicious fast-food-chain goodness.


but why ‘advertise’ for in-n-out? no, it’s not because my humans and i were paid (we’re not). my humans and i decided to do this shiba advertisement for two reasons:

  1. when my humans go to in-n-out, they almost always bring me in the car,  & 
  2. my humans conducted a rigorous scientific study on my french fry begging habits and concluded that, without a doubt, these are my favorite french fries.


sorry i can’t fed-ex you shibas a burger and fries to try for yourselves, but i hope you enjoy my taro shiba advertisement anyway.


flickr set here! and a new taro shiba advertisement next tuesday!

taro around the internets (9/28 edition)

hi shibas, humans and other online friends & visitors!


just wanted to recap where you’ve been able to find me around the internet this week:

Of course, you can always find me on flickr, twitter, and here on the blog.  And, please recommend me for Tumblr Tuesday if you’re so inclined!


A new Taro Shiba advertisement will be up later this afternoon!