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i had a wonderful time yesterday evening at the dog park with shiba rinji, shiba nori, nori’s beagle bro harley, and asher the alaskan klee kai. i haven’t run or wrestled like that in ages!


mom’s camera had a hard time with the low light and the constant movement. she did, however, get the above pic of asher and i. you can see a set of adorable pics of nori and asher that i have over on my flickr. hope you enjoy all the cuteness.




Tiny Dogs 32/366

Today, Taro met up with his friends, Rinji, Nori (new shiba friend), Harley and Asher in the dog park. In this photo, you see Taro play with Asher, a 18-week old Alaskan Klee Kai. Asher loves Taro and keeps jumping on him. It’s hard to find a small big-breed dog that’s even smaller than Taro. They’re very cute together.

Kai’s foot and leg are in the photo to provide you with some perspective on the size of the pups. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good photos of Nori. She and Rinji had a blast. I think more play dates will take place in the future. So stay tuned for future Nori shots.

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i saw my old friend asher for the first time in months this afternoon. it was so amazing to see him again.


you can check out the handful of photos my humans took over on flickr.