bad photo friday

taro the shiba is back with another bad photo friday!


as many of you know, i love sticks. i will chew on them or chase them any day or hour of the week. however, this photo is, by far, the craziest, most embarrassing photo of me with a stick ever taken.


i hope you like this pic, and i hope that it gave you a good chuckle.

*you can see more of taro the shiba chewing on sticks on flickr.*


it’s another installment of taro the shiba’s bad photo friday!


we call this one: take time to stop and smell the flowers. however, if you’re taking a picture, open your eyes.”


taken this morning in tempe beach park, which is on the south bank of tempe town lake.


it’s taro shiba’s bad photo friday!


i shared the good version of this pic yesterday via twitter. my humans really, really like that good pic, which was taken on a bench in a small gazebo in tempe beach park. it was the bright spot of our walk yesterday morning.


however, in trying to get that good pic, we definitely got a few bad shots. and the pic at the top of this post was our favorite bad photo of the week. 



time for the next installment of taro the shiba’s bad photo fridays!


my humans came home and were trying to get a pic of me that showed how happy i was to see them… unfortunately, i decided to do my pirate impression instead. (read why shibas are pirates)


you can see some of the better pics here & here. :) have a good friday and a good weekend!


for taro shiba’s bad photo friday… this is me in rinji & mika’s awesome backyard. i made a funny face when some of the humans went inside.

for this week’s taro shiba’s bad photo friday… i just couldn’t keep my eyes open during an early morning dog park visit!

today’s taro shiba bad (and yet still adorable) photo friday includes a cameo from shiba puppy rinji!


in mid january, i went to a shiba playdate in rinji and mika’s backyard (shiba tokyo was also there). while at the playdate, i went to look at what some humans were up to in the house. as i stared through the screen, a little bit of anxiety caused me to pin my ears back. at just that time, rinji came from behind to get a big ol’ sniff of the wonderfully alluring scent that is exclusively manufactured by yours truly. 


the result? this classically awkward pic of the two of us.



taro shiba bad photo friday!

it’s another taro shiba bad photo friday!


these pics were taken in the back yard of the vacation house zuko’s pack & my pack shared in huntington beach. they were taken at about 7 am. i’ll let the captions do the rest of the talking.



"seriously. it is way to early in the morning to use the camera flash. knock it off."

taro shiba: "seriously. it is way to early in the morning to use the camera flash. knock it off."

(on flickr)



'yet another picture. really?'

taro shiba: 'yet another picture. really?'

(on flickr)



and, as is customary on taro shiba bad photo friday… a good pic.


"i remember why i sit for pics… treats!"

taro shiba: "i remember why i sit for pics... treats!"

(on flickr)



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my flickr set of pics from my trip to huntington beach.


(on flickr)


it’s another taro shiba bad photo friday!


this week, you’re seeing me at the height of my profession as a stick connoisseur. sadly, not all sticks are created equal. i stick my tongue out in disapproval.


but, even though i disapprove of the stick’s quality, you are still not allowed to take my stick from me. the following may not be the cutest pic, but it shows my personality. in this pic (on flickr), i’m daring kai to try take my stick from me. and, as you would guess, he tried and failed. stupid humans… they just don’t learn.


bonus bad pic: taro shiba squinting in the morning sun.



(on flickr)


it’s a taro & kiyomi shiba goofy photo friday!


today, we shibas have perfected our synchronized yawning. is it too late to make this an olympic sport in london this year?


here’s today’s good photo: shibas sharing the couch.


and, some fun pics of kiyomi trying to get me to play: