taro the shiba celebrates his second birthday today!


i’ve allowed my humans to take a break from our usual tuesday installments in order to wish me a happy birthday. kai took these pictures of me on our usual morning walk. we took these a couple of blocks west of the west dam at tempe town lake. you can see the hump of camelback mountain in many of the photos.


i’m not sure what’s in store for the rest of my birthday, but i guess i’ll find out later.  i did get half of my new favorite dental bone this morning (original flavor of the zuke’s z-ridge mini; humans won’t give me the other flavors or terrabones because they’re tough on carpets). also, i’m hoping a new toy is in my future…


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my 2nd birthday yesterday was awesome!


some things i did after my humans got home from work:

  • walked to jaycee park and played with sticks (and played fetch, too!)
  • checked out an epic sunset that was made just for me!
  • took a car ride to pet club in tempe and got awesome Zuke’s Hip Action treats, peanut butter flavor (they have glucosamine & chondroitin).
  • played with a ball that my humans put a Zuke’s Hip Action treat in.
  • got a polar bear skineez toy. (my humans chose this one because they think it would be the hardest to pull its hair out. i took its eyes off almost immediately.)


it really was a good day. good treats, good toy, good family, good fun. 


here’s a bonus video of me and my new skineez toy (warning, squeaky toy sounds inside):


thanks to all who sent their warm birthday wishes. i did indeed have a wonderful day and got just about everything a shiba could ask for. :)


(Source: Flickr / _tar0_)

it’s kiyomi’s 7th birthday!


she did get gifts: missing link supplement for her shiba coat and a nylabone mint-flavored rope/durachew combo.


hudad is about to take us on a celebratory hike. humom, who’s away on work, wishes she was here with us


…but kiyomi and i know how to have fun without humans anyway.