shiba advertisements

my humans have a goal. it’s a simple one, but they hope to achieve it nonetheless. what is it? they hope to get a picture of me onto a post on


the one problem is, doesn’t talk much about dogs (unless there’s a recall on kibble). so, i used my #ShibaMindControl to impart to my humans an ingenious idea: take pictures of me with different brands in our house. it’ll maximize the potential opportunities for me to be the lead photo of a post!


starting on 8/17, i’ll give you our first taro shiba advertisement… stay tuned, shibas! (and feel free to start your own shiba advertisement galleries!)

taro around the internets (9/28 edition)

hi shibas, humans and other online friends & visitors!


just wanted to recap where you’ve been able to find me around the internet this week:

Of course, you can always find me on flickr, twitter, and here on the blog.  And, please recommend me for Tumblr Tuesday if you’re so inclined!


A new Taro Shiba advertisement will be up later this afternoon!