dog park

hey adult humans at the dog park:

just because i’m super cute and i let you pet me does not mean you can pick me up.

is that clear?

also, pick up after your dogs, make them wear collars and tags, close the dog park gate, teach your human kids how to greet dogs and behave at dog parks, and handle your overly-hyper pooches when they try to run me down.


taro the shiba greets a stranger at the dog park.  taro the shiba.

to the woman at the dog park who left both dog park gates open:

not cool. my human, who was off-leash, might have escaped!

you, madam, are the human-who-should-be-on-a-leash of the week!

taro the shiba thinks you should be on a leash taro the shiba.

why do all the bigger doggies always pick on me? huff.


this picture shows why sections of parks for small or inactive dogs are such a great idea. i love to play ‘chase me’, but that’s different than being pestered, chased incessantly and cornered. 


disclaimer: i actually liked the dog chasing me in the photo. but a siberian husky and another dog were a little rough with me last night and that’s why i wanted to share. this, though, was the best pic we had of me being chased. your humans simply can’t get good pics during the times when they’re busy protecting you.


(Source: tar0shiba)

a picture of me at tempe sports complex dog park.


my favorite part of our saturday morning routine.

wednesday = more retro taro pics.


these three pics were taken at jaycee dog park in tempe, az. it’s the first stop for me and my human kai on our daily morning hour-long walks. 


(Source: Flickr / _tar0_)

is that a UFO flying over that hurdle? wait, no, that’s taro the shiba!


on friday night, my human kai and i went to the west chandler bark park. (tra was shopping. she got kai something, but not me. what’s up with that?) much to our surprise, chandler bark park was completely empty…


and it was awesome!


40 minutes and not another dog around until the last 3 minutes. for a while, i thought we had entered some strange post-apocalyptic dog park. and when the dogs did show up, i really liked one of them! a rare night indeed!


note from my human kai:

i apologize for the poor picture quality; my ipod touch was having a hard time handling the low light (we’ve had to use picnik to brighten them up a bit). but that low light blur made for some quirky action shots… you just have to think of them as UFO’s or paranormal activity being caught by an old camera. my personal favorite is hurdle jump 2.

anyway, taro had a great time. it’s been a while since he ran that hard. he was clearly ecstatic. 


i did indeed have a wonderful time. lucky for me, this place is just a 3 minute drive from where we’re having thanksgiving dinner… i’ll be using shiba mind control to get back here soon!


(Source: Flickr / _tar0_)

my 2nd birthday yesterday was awesome!


some things i did after my humans got home from work:

  • walked to jaycee park and played with sticks (and played fetch, too!)
  • checked out an epic sunset that was made just for me!
  • took a car ride to pet club in tempe and got awesome Zuke’s Hip Action treats, peanut butter flavor (they have glucosamine & chondroitin).
  • played with a ball that my humans put a Zuke’s Hip Action treat in.
  • got a polar bear skineez toy. (my humans chose this one because they think it would be the hardest to pull its hair out. i took its eyes off almost immediately.)


it really was a good day. good treats, good toy, good family, good fun. 


here’s a bonus video of me and my new skineez toy (warning, squeaky toy sounds inside):


thanks to all who sent their warm birthday wishes. i did indeed have a wonderful day and got just about everything a shiba could ask for. :)


(Source: Flickr / _tar0_)

couldn’t decide what to post today… so here are a few photos from my trip to tempe sports complex dog park with kai & tra.


these pics were from november 20. we went to the park, then walked for a couple of miles before going home. all photos taken on an iPod touch using the hipstamatic app. 


the second photo uses the Dali lens, which is why there are two of me in the photo.


(Source: Flickr / _tar0_)

bonus taro shiba pic!


i realize in the last post it was a little difficult to see me. so, here’s a pic of me holding my racquetball while inside jaycee park’s dog park. enjoy!