hello, world.

i am taro.

i’m a small, red, male shiba inu. so small, in fact, that i’m technically a mameshiba. everyone says i look like a fox, but i can assure you: i’m all shiba.

i own two humans—kai & tra. i allow them to do things for me, including these posts. as we say on twitter, it’s #shibamindcontrol!

if you’re looking to find me, taro the shiba, elsewhere online you can follow me on twitter (handle:@_tar0_) or see my flickr photos (here).

hi there! i’m taro, a small, red, male shiba. i’m trying to figure out which photo to submit to project dog (i’m in the rescue category).

can you help me?

please look at the photos above and let me know (via twitter or comment on which one you think is most appropriate for submission. thanks much, internets!

an exercise in shiba mind control

my #ShibaMindControl last night was epic.


got male human to take me to Mitchell Dog Park. 1 mile walk each way. except… i used my Shiba powers to make my male human lose his keys at the park! success! result: 2 trips to Mitchell Dog Park.


(male human @OBEYshiba eventually got his keys back)

barking at smokers…

The last couple of nights at the dog park, I’ve been barking quite a bit. But all the people I bark at have one thing in common: they’re smokers.


Most of the time at the park, I’ll just be minding my own business—I sniff around, ignore the dogs that I feel superior to, and maybe even play a bit with my humans (I choose to be nice to them sometimes). Then, to my humans’ surprise, I’ll run as fast as I can and bark/borderline-howl directly in front of any smoker who is sitting down.


The thing that really puzzles my humans is that the smokers don’t have to be smoking to make me want to bark. If someone’s standing and smoking, we’re fine. But, if that smoker should sit down, smoking or not, there’s a 75% chance I will feel compelled to bark at them.


My humans have seen this phenomenon before; when some of our cigarette-loving family friends come over, it takes me forever to be comfortable around them. I’ll occasionally erupt into barking mini-fits around these family friends, even though I know it’s ‘wrong’ (the pet communicator, Dr. Monica, told my humans that my shiba mom taught me not to bark & that I know it’s wrong). My humans can usually calm me down quickly and without incident, and after a while I revert to my normal semi-loving, semi-aloof, trouble-making self. Yet, there’s something about these smokers just makes me want to bark…


My humans think that this smoker-directed barking is a bit weird. They think that when I was a pup (before they rescued me from Shiba Inu Rescue Association), I might have known a smoker human who wasn’t so nice to me. I insist that it’s just part of my wonderfully unique shiba personality. We have struck a deal, agreeing to disagree, on the condition that there are treats forthcoming.


Anyway, do any of you shibas out there do this? Let me know in the comments or on twitter (@_tar0_).

last chance to vote!


please let me know which photo i should use for my project dog profile. respond here in the comments or via my twitter (@_tar0_).


thanks for the help, everyone!

humans, you can watch your movie at home, but only if you multi-task and throw throw the ball for me! #ShibaNegotiation

taro the shiba

i love going to visit my humans’ relatives; got lots of good food from those humans, and i even convinced my humans to give me some special treats (like Yoghund—frozen yogurt for dogs)… as you other shibas know, it’s always easier to use #ShibaMindControl on those who aren’t used to deflecting our powers or on our own humans when they are distracted!

taro shiba says "delicious!"  taro the shiba

shiba advertisements

my humans have a goal. it’s a simple one, but they hope to achieve it nonetheless. what is it? they hope to get a picture of me onto a post on


the one problem is, doesn’t talk much about dogs (unless there’s a recall on kibble). so, i used my #ShibaMindControl to impart to my humans an ingenious idea: take pictures of me with different brands in our house. it’ll maximize the potential opportunities for me to be the lead photo of a post!


starting on 8/17, i’ll give you our first taro shiba advertisement… stay tuned, shibas! (and feel free to start your own shiba advertisement galleries!)

taro’s first shiba advertisement: netflix! i love those envelopes. i steal them every chance i get… delicious and fun to shred, they get the taro shiba seal of approval.


UPDATE: fellow shiba Zuko (@demondogsports) informs us that just 1 day after this advertisement we had this headline “Netflix Stock Continues To Defy Gravity: Up Another 30% In 2 Weeks.” it looks like this advertisement worked! 


UPDATE 2: this photo was on the hacking netflix flickr feed (screenshot).


UPDATE 3: this photo was used for a consumerist article on 8.31.2010. thanks to human Vi and shibas Loki and Jujube of the Misadventures of a Shiba Inu for bringing this to our attention!