This is a picture of me and my three doggie aunts (Kai’s parents’ pooches).

From left to right: a Schnoodle named Gretel (3), a Yorkie-Poo runt named Annie (16), a Chihuahua-Norwich Terrier-& more?-mix named Lucy (8), and me! (2 year-old Shiba runt).

My dog park buddy, Rambo, is moving to San Francisco this week. I sure will miss him…

while my taro shiba video ad is processed by youtube, i bring you a playful video of shibas rinji (puppy!), mika and i. 


since rinji is now bigger than me, i don’t know if being chased by him will be as much fun as it was then. i guess we’ll see during our next playdate!


(Source: Flickr / _tar0_)

Kyuubi: Shiba Love (thinking about Aki the Shiba)


The newest post by Kyuubi (of the Nine-Tailed Shiba blog) links back to my tweet last evening about Aki the Shiba, who’s not feeling well. Kyuubi added a beautiful little poetic paragraph at the end of the post.


You should go read that post in full, and then follow the link there to read about Aki’s sudden health problems. And, of course, cuddle with your humans and send out your shiba love.



you probably already know this, but i was a rescue dog. i came through a foster home in Phoenix that was associated with Shiba Inu Rescue Association (SIRA). here’s my gotcha day pic with my humans:


taro shiba's gotcha day photo


my pack loves rescue shibas. so, recently, my human kai joined @shiba_rinji's human dad (we'll call him @frizwiz, which is his twitter handle) on another one of frizwiz’s visits to Animal Guardian Network Ranch. kai and frizwiz went up there to volunteer to hang out and play with rescue shibas.


about the Animal Guardian Network:

The Animal Guardian Network, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to saving the lives of animals and keeping pet families together through our many programs.


The purpose of these programs is to provide the assistance essential to keeping pets in their loving homes thereby helping to reduce the number of pets euthanized every day in the county shelters. Being financially disadvantaged is not synonymous with an inability to provide a loving home. It is just an opportunity for us to make a difference in the life of an animal and their guardian by lending a helping hand.  


while kai and frizwiz were there, the ranch had something like 8 dogs (among other animals) that were being fostered/rehabilitated/adopted out. some of the shibas came from tough situations (neglected by animal hoarders, hit by a car, etc.), but all are doing well/continuing to improve under the constant care of the animal guardian network. 


kai and frizwiz met 5 of the shibas: 

  • tuli, the long-haired shiba
  • tsuki, the red, power chewer shiba
  • nola, a black and tan who loves to be pet, has white on shoulders
  • akima, a lean, cream shiba (ready for adoption!)
  • keiko, a small black and tan who was a bit camera shy unless you had a treat


kai has pics of all these shibas except picture-shy keiko. but keiko is in two of the videos kai took!


video 1: treat time




video 2: akima gets a treat, while shibas line up behind kai




you can see more photos of kai & frizwiz’s visit, as well as another two videos, over on my flickr.


two shibas are  one shiba is currently up for adoption (akima  & niko) through animal guardian network [edit: niko has been adopted! congrats, niko!]. i sincerely hope that whenever these shibas get into new homes that they find loving, forever homes. with carrie, who runs animal guardian network, in charge, we’re sure that those new homes will be everything that these shibas need and more (she’s amazing from what kai told me!).


want to donate to Animal Guardian Network? on the bottom of the Animal Guardian Network homepage, there’s a link to donate on PayPal. i’m sure carrie, the shibas, and the other rescue animals there would appreciate it!


bonus! some shiba rescue pics/video from @frizwiz:


(Prince) Zuko the shiba and I were fast friends.


He’s awesome to play with, especially if the game is tug-of-war.


And I love to chase him on the beach (he’s an off-leash beach shiba!).


Here’s a pic of us together—I already can’t wait to share a rental home with him in Huntington Beach this July!


see this pic on flickr.



it’s another edition of taro-around-tempe thursday!


today’s pics are a selection of pics my humans took during my last playdate with the other famous tempe shibas: shiba siblings rinji & mika.


as rinji has matured, we all continue to get along really well. and even though we may want to play a little bit of rough chase now and again or even quarrel over delicious, delicious pecans, no contact has ever been even close to serious or worrisome. (in that photo of rinji and i with our paws to paws, we’re actually both sorting out some pecans on the ground. we both got some, so no worries.) and since rinji and i play so well, mika doesn’t have to regulate our rough play too often. so win-win-win!


you can see the full set over on my flickr.


note: just because i’m continuing our taro-around-tempe thursday series doesn’t mean i’m out of san francisco pics; in fact, i still have lots and lots and lots. and with my humans’ help, i’ll continue to post them as i can.


(on flickr)


what am i doing? can’t you see that i’m looking through our beach photos from our trip to san francisco? 


in lieu of a regular post or a weekend recap (like a photo from my playdate with shibas rinji and mika on saturday night), i’m going to focus today on preparing my “shibas taro and zuko at the beach” post for later this week.


but, don’t worry: you won’t leave disappointed! as a consolation prize, i give you not only the photo above (which my humans think is really cute), but also three photos of zuko and his human dad.


our pack wishes him a belated happy (dog) father’s day!


zuko the shiba’s dad helps zuko start his beach zoomies.

zuko the shiba's human helps zuko to do his zoomies on the beach

(on flickr)


zuko runs back to his human dad.

zuko runs back to sniff kelp and see his human dad

(on flickr)


shiba love: zuko the shiba and his human dad.

zuko the shiba & his human dad

(on flickr)


@tokyoshiba’s jailbreak, and her partner in crime

this post from prince zuko mentions that tokyo shiba made a jail break from the lazy dog cafe patio in westminster, CA.


but, here’s what you don’t know: i was tokyo shiba’s partner in crime. and our hipstamatic photo evidence of the plot (part of the taro shiba retro/hipstamatic series) is below for your enjoyment.


tokyo and i talked under the table at the lazy dog cafe. we agreed she should go take a look around, especially to make sure the area outside the patio was clear.



looking one way isn’t enough…

tokyo considers making an escape (1)

(on flickr)



… it’s imperative to look both ways.

tokyo considers making an escape (2)

(on flickr)



tokyo came back to me and i gave her a suggested strategy. why would she check with me? i’ve jailbroken a few gates before, including dog park gates and gates at arizona dog sports gym. basically, i’m like the son in fantastic mr. fox: i can fit through there. you wanna know why?… because i’m little.”


whispering a plan to tokyo. 

taro the shiba, whispering escape plans to tokyo

(on flickr)



on the lookout for the perfect opportunity…

taro the shiba & tokyo shiba, keeping an eye out for the perfect opportunity

(on flickr)



looking innocent in front of the security camera, right before tokyo makes her big break.

partners in crime: taro the shiba & tokyo the shiba

(on flickr)



the security cameras didn’t pick up tokyo’s actual jailbreak—i guess she was too fast. luckily for her humans, tokyo’s leash didn’t let her get far. in any case, it was still a great display of her talent for escape and a tribute to the intelligence of shibas everywhere. 


partner in crime, tokyo: i salute you! wear your camo twiba bandanna with pride!


my flickr set of pics from my trip to huntington beach.


rescue shibas available in AZ!

yesterday morning my humans (kai & tra) helped transport kitsunae, a gorgeous three-year-old red female shiba, from her old home to animal guardian network ranch. my humans really enjoyed transporting her; she’s quite lovable and was great in the car. my humans are very hopeful that she’ll be adopted quickly and are certain that she will bring much joy to whichever family adds her to their pack.


once out at the animal guardian network ranch, kai & tra greeted some of the shibas that are there & waiting for adoption. in a perfect world, all these shibas would be coming home to play with me! but, since that’s not an option, i want to publicize the fact that these shibas are all ready for adoption.


shibas ready for adoption



if you or someone you know wants to add a rescue shiba to their lives, please consider contacting carrie at the email address listed in the image above. you can also visit the animal guardian network website to read more about carrie’s work or donate to help out these shibas and other rescue animals.



UPDATE: carrie uploaded to youtube a video of kitsunae & scout playing.