it’s NCAA football season! i’m so excited!


my humans and i love to play american football. there are three footballs for me to play with in the house. while it’s really fun to chase footballs inside, my humans prefer to take the football to the dog park and give me lots of exercise. they throw a football and i run it down; it’s so awesome! and when i get home, i’m so tired i just lay out on our tile floor to cool down.


hope you liked these pics. if you want a blog that features shibas & pac-10 football previews, check out our friend Misaki & her humans at also, we’ll be doing football pics and vids on saturday and sunday, so be sure to check for updates!

more pics of me playing football… just as i promised!


this is my small vinyl football from petsmart. it cost 99 cents at the time, so i didn’t even have to use Shiba Mind Control to get my humans to buy it. this is our indoor-only football and it’s great fun. and when i get bored with it, my humans put it in a sock to make a new toy for me. they can be pretty cool sometimes.


anyway, more tomorrow. hope you enjoy these. and happy ncaa football season to you and your shibas!

more pics of me and my football.


this time, it’s my big red squeaky football. it’s also from petsmart.


hope you enjoyed these. videos tomorrow—a labor day special!

videos of me, taro the shiba, playing football!

hi everyone!


here’s the last post for this three day weekend. there are two videos below that my humans made recently that feature me playing with my american football squeaky toys.


here’s the first one…




and the second one…




i hope you enjoyed these. tomorrow’s tuesday, so look for a new taro shiba advertisement.


happy labor day!

why i don’t need a halloween costume

my humans know that i don’t need a halloween costume.


why is that, you ask? i’ll give you not one, but two reasons:

  • if they put a costume on me, i’m likely to lawyer up and sue for all the pain and distress caused by what i consider to be cruelty to this animal, and
  • a costume is unnecessary as i am capable of portraying many roles sans costume.


among other things, i’ve been known to be:



a ghost

ghost taro shiba

(on flickr)



a football player

taro shiba & a football

(on flickr)



a flautist

taro shiba, a flautist

(on flickr)



a jedi or a monk

taro shiba--jedi or monk?

(on flickr)



a prison inmate

taro shiba wants to come out of the crate

(on flickr)



a scholar

taro shiba, the scholar

(on flickr)



a lumberjack

taro shiba, lumberjack

(on flickr)



a west-coast stoner

taro shiba & in-n-out

(on flickr)



a hungover dog

taro shiba, snaggletooth

(on flickr & in the book ‘animals with hangovers’)



a soccer player

taro shiba, soccer player

(on flickr)



an ikea-made, stuffed-animal version of taro shiba

an ikea-made, stuffed-animal version of taro shiba

(on flickr)



& a zombie taro shiba!

zombie taro shiba

(on flickr)



clearly, no costume necessary for this pooch. but, even if you’re wearing a costume or if you put one on your pooch, i hope you all have a happy and safe halloween!



taro shiba jack-o-lantern

(taro shiba jack-o-lantern on flickr)