what is wrong with my leg?

during my last trip to the dog park last night, something happened to my leg.


i was playing with a pack of dogs. although all of them were much bigger, none of them were doing anything untoward. we were all about to play ‘chase the taro,’ but as i started, something went wrong in my leg.


i screamed and cried, half-running. i sat down so the dogs would know my playtime was over. my human ran to stand above me and keep other dogs from sniffing me (really, dogs, it’s not nice to take advantage of an injury as an opportunity to sniff butts). i kept crying, with little shiba screams once in a while.


my back left leg was all tight. i was sitting but it was off-the-ground, almost curled up back into my body. my human tried to see if i would calm down by myself and just stretch it out. after a minute, he figured out that i wanted to be picked up and loved.


my human grabbed me and i finally stopped crying. he stretched my leg a little bit and that seemed OK. he put me back down and i limped a little before stretching it out fully. my humans even let me walk home (almost a mile!)—i seemed to be moving OK with just a little limp that gradually went away.


we stopped at the small dog run on our way home. my humans said i was moving about 90% normally, and figured i’d be OK.


but now, it’s the next morning. after a long sleep, i don’t know if my leg is tight or if it’s just plain messed up. my human is convinced my kneecap has slipped. i won’t put pressure on it now—it feels weird. even when i move around on the bed, i’m holding that leg up and limping. if i walk around a bit, i’ll stretch it out and put some more pressure on it. but not full pressure. not this morning, anyway.


i’m not crying, because i’m tough. but i have huffed myself into a little ball on the bed. i want whatever is wrong with my leg to end. my humans are giving me lots and lots of hugs. humans say they’ll come home early (YEAH!) to take me to the vet (BOO!). so, i guess i’ll let all you shibas find out what happens later tonight, either on here or @_tar0_ on twittter.

update on my leg…

hi all,


thanks for your concern about my leg. (my earlier post is here) my humans took me to the vet yesterday afternoon. i was really excited because my humans came home early, but having to go to the vet dampened my excitement.


when my humans got home, i was on the bed. this is probably my favorite part of my current leg injury—my humans aren’t shutting the door to my crate so i can stretch my leg out and walk around when i need to. basically this means their bed=my bed all day long. the bedroom door is shut, so i’m there all alone, but that’s okay.


when my humans took me out for a quick potty break, i was hopping around on three legs. humans were worried, but it’s not hard to do. i can even go up and down stairs on three legs—and i’m fast. but, that troublesome back left leg was why we went to the vet.


anyway, my vet appointment went pretty well. the diet my humans have put me on (controlling my calories with raw food) has been effective—um, too effective. i weighed in at 8 lbs, 7 oz! and i’m a full-grown shiba! i was up around 10 lbs, 7oz back when i was on kibble/wet food and my allergies were bad. my humans wanted to get me around 9 lbs, 6 oz, tom improve my health, appearance, and my ability to withstand the heat. now, i look good and am healthy and this weight is probably because the last few weeks we’ve been walking more, but my humans think i’m a little underweight now. this means my humans will give me more raw food; nothing wrong with that!


so, the vet came in and played with my leg. i didn’t mind a lot, but i didn’t like it. she took me into the back room and took my blood—that was for some heartworm thing (negative), but i wasn’t expecting that. i thought she just needed to see my leg! huff.


the vet said the pain was more around the knee and less around the hip. however, since i seemed to be willing to stretch it out over a while and eventually put weight on it (by this time at the office, i had decided to walk on all fours instead of hop on three), she concluded it was most likely some soft tissue damage (just like kaiju's female human had predicted!).  if it doesn't get better in 7-10 days we'll go back for x-rays.


so what do i and my humans do now? 6 days of quarter tablets of anti-inflammatory meds, taken 2x a day with food. i’m very happy that these don’t make me sick. plus, in my raw food i can barely taste them.


also, i have to try to take it easy and try to keep off of the leg for a while, which means…


  • no stairs (my humans are having a hard time stopping me—we have lots of stairs)

  • no dog parks (boo! although i can still go to the dog run to go to the bathroom since i’m usually the only dog there)

  • no jumping and playing like i want to (huff.)


taro playing with the sock monsterkind of against vet’s orders, my humans are still walking me plenty; they figure as long as it’s low-impact, walking shouldn’t really hurt it. plus i’m getting kind of anxious being in the house all the time—i need something to get rid of my shiba-energy and this seems to be the only thing we can do. i still get to play with my sock monster, though! (pictured at left)




taro lounging on a pillowand this morning? after waking up, i didn’t hop around on
three legs or anything—i had four on the floor and moved
around 95% of normal. just a pretty typical shiba day
for me (except i get to stay on the bed). i even used the
stairs when my male human wasn’t paying attention! so my leg
is already 10x better. hopefully i’ll be back at full shiba-strength
in no time. but for now, there will be lots of lounging—just like
this picture shows! 


A Shiba -to- Human Public Service Announcement:

a veterinarian’s orders are orders from a human given to other humans. your shiba, despite your best efforts, may choose to disregard part or all of those orders. should negative outcomes result from your shiba’s choice to disregard said veterinarian’s orders, blame shall be placed squarely on the human. should no negative outcomes result from your shiba’s choice to disregard said verterinarian’s orders, it’s because your shiba knows best.

This has been a Shiba -to- Human Public Service Announcement.


taro the shiba.

although i’m basically 100% now—what a quick recovery!—my humans have tried in vain to keep me calm as much as possible. thus, there has been lots of human-mandated lounging around on the bed this weekend. 


despite their best efforts, i still got my zoomies and all my normal exercise in.  i even convinced them to take me back to the dog park to play a whole week before the vet said it was okay! but, still, my humans tried.


so, here are some photos of our weekend lounging to commemorate my speedy recovery and their massive failure to make me follow the vet’s directions.

i finish my anti-inflammatory medicine today. hooray! my humans think it’s actually been making me more hyper. supposedly, they’re looking forward to a calmer shiba. will that happen? i guess we’ll find out in the upcoming installment of…


will he sleep? will they play? will he hide under furniture? will they watch TV? will they have lots of pack activities or will taro the shiba be more independent? who will win? find out tonight!

i’m looking forward to the showdown; surely my shiba mind control powers will prevail. and if not, i can always resort to zooming the shiba 500!

taro the shiba