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it’s retro wednesday here on tar0shiba.tumblr.com!


and, as promised, photos above have been taken with hipstamatic.


you can see these photos and more on my flickrenjoy!


it’s bad photo friday on tar0shiba.tumblr.com!


i may be perfect, but, sadly, not every shiba picture is perfect… especially since i’m always on the go! 


have a good weekend! we hope to see your good pics soon!


(Source: Flickr / _tar0_)

here are some pics from my saturday late afternoon trip to papago park in phoenix, az.


we had a lakeside, sunset picnic with some family friends. we had a good time, although i’m still kinda scared about the baby. the food, sights and weather were good, though, and there was lots of stuff to sniff out. can’t ask for much more than that!


(Source: Flickr / _tar0_)

wednesday = retro taro the shiba pic day. 


taken in tempe, az, on a greenbelt in tempe (town lake) beach park.


this is what my lucky humans see on our 3 mile morning walk, 6 days a week.


wednesday = retro taro the shiba pic day. 


taken in phoenix, az, while waiting for a table at the morning glory cafe, one of the restaurants at the farm at south mountain.

it’s taro shiba’s bad photo friday!


i shared the good version of this pic yesterday via twitter. my humans really, really like that good pic, which was taken on a bench in a small gazebo in tempe beach park. it was the bright spot of our walk yesterday morning.


however, in trying to get that good pic, we definitely got a few bad shots. and the pic at the top of this post was our favorite bad photo of the week. 



taro the shiba celebrates his second birthday today!


i’ve allowed my humans to take a break from our usual tuesday installments in order to wish me a happy birthday. kai took these pictures of me on our usual morning walk. we took these a couple of blocks west of the west dam at tempe town lake. you can see the hump of camelback mountain in many of the photos.


i’m not sure what’s in store for the rest of my birthday, but i guess i’ll find out later.  i did get half of my new favorite dental bone this morning (original flavor of the zuke’s z-ridge mini; humans won’t give me the other flavors or terrabones because they’re tough on carpets). also, i’m hoping a new toy is in my future…


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for this taro shiba hipstamatic/retro wednesday, i’m posting a pic of my hip, hopeful pose.  


this photo is of me looking up and out over tempe town lake on thanksgiving afternoon. this is one of my human kai’s all-time favorite photos. if i ever make a CD, this would be my album cover.



time for the next installment of taro the shiba’s bad photo fridays!


my humans came home and were trying to get a pic of me that showed how happy i was to see them… unfortunately, i decided to do my pirate impression instead. (read why shibas are pirates)


you can see some of the better pics here & here. :) have a good friday and a good weekend!


i realize it’s not nice to share just my terrible pics on friday.


so, as a special bonus, here’s a pic i put as an entry into an @PEOPLEpets #CutePic competition. (no, i didn’t win) it’s me chewing on a stick, but it certainly looks like i’m trying to play the flute.


taken in late October while waiting for a table at the Morning Glory Cafe, near South Mountain in Phoenix. taken with kai’s iPod touch using the Hipstamatic app.