wednesday = more retro taro pics.


these three pics were taken at jaycee dog park in tempe, az. it’s the first stop for me and my human kai on our daily morning hour-long walks. 


(Source: Flickr / _tar0_)

my 2nd birthday yesterday was awesome!


some things i did after my humans got home from work:

  • walked to jaycee park and played with sticks (and played fetch, too!)
  • checked out an epic sunset that was made just for me!
  • took a car ride to pet club in tempe and got awesome Zuke’s Hip Action treats, peanut butter flavor (they have glucosamine & chondroitin).
  • played with a ball that my humans put a Zuke’s Hip Action treat in.
  • got a polar bear skineez toy. (my humans chose this one because they think it would be the hardest to pull its hair out. i took its eyes off almost immediately.)


it really was a good day. good treats, good toy, good family, good fun. 


here’s a bonus video of me and my new skineez toy (warning, squeaky toy sounds inside):


thanks to all who sent their warm birthday wishes. i did indeed have a wonderful day and got just about everything a shiba could ask for. :)


(Source: Flickr / _tar0_)

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it’s another taro shiba bad photo friday!


this week, you’re seeing me at the height of my profession as a stick connoisseur. sadly, not all sticks are created equal. i stick my tongue out in disapproval.


but, even though i disapprove of the stick’s quality, you are still not allowed to take my stick from me. the following may not be the cutest pic, but it shows my personality. in this pic (on flickr), i’m daring kai to try take my stick from me. and, as you would guess, he tried and failed. stupid humans… they just don’t learn.


bonus bad pic: taro shiba squinting in the morning sun.



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i had a wonderful time yesterday evening at the dog park with shiba rinji, shiba nori, nori’s beagle bro harley, and asher the alaskan klee kai. i haven’t run or wrestled like that in ages!


mom’s camera had a hard time with the low light and the constant movement. she did, however, get the above pic of asher and i. you can see a set of adorable pics of nori and asher that i have over on my flickr. hope you enjoy all the cuteness.




Tiny Dogs 32/366

Today, Taro met up with his friends, Rinji, Nori (new shiba friend), Harley and Asher in the dog park. In this photo, you see Taro play with Asher, a 18-week old Alaskan Klee Kai. Asher loves Taro and keeps jumping on him. It’s hard to find a small big-breed dog that’s even smaller than Taro. They’re very cute together.

Kai’s foot and leg are in the photo to provide you with some perspective on the size of the pups. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good photos of Nori. She and Rinji had a blast. I think more play dates will take place in the future. So stay tuned for future Nori shots.

Tiny Dogs on Flickr.

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it’s a taro shiba hipstamatic wednesday! today, i happily claim the mini-boulders in jaycee park as mine.


bonus pic for kiyomi’s hipstamatic corner: kiyomi staring at kai through the dog park fence


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kiyomi graduates from doggy class tonight. she’s not the star of the class, but she has learned enough to graduate and to continue her first-level training at home.


i don’t care if she puts on the graduation cap or not… she’ll always be my annoying shiba sis.


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it’s super warm outside (114 degrees fahrenheit today!), so the humans have to be judicious about when to take kiyomi and i to the dog park. we appreciate our trips outside (especially the chance to be off-leash), so we reward our humans’ efforts with extra cute dog park pics.


for example, kiyomi sure can be cute in her ezy-dog pink camo harness.


bonus pic:

shibas cooling down on the couch after a trip to the park


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what’s that? in the distance?


it’s a wild kiyomi, slowly approaching


she’s getting closer.


and now she demands to be pet. just to be safe, you should give her a treat.


maybe give me a treat, too, for being such an awesome wilderness guide?


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it’s a taro shiba hipstamatic wednesday! today… tennis balls in the park.


i collected a short set of pics of me carrying or playing with a tennis ball in my local park. kiyomi even makes an appearance in one, even though she’s not usually impressed with tennis ball play


check the photoset out here.


it’s a hipstamatic shiba wednesday!


in the dog park, kiyomi jogs to pursue that which she desires most…


a good neck scratching from one of her humans!