Here’s a pic of me rockin’ my brand new collar from


Kninecouture helped me get a custom, all black twill martingale collar that’s extra small but extra wide (much easier on my very sensitive neck). I’ve had it for only one day, but I keep getting compliments on it and it’s super comfy! My humans are very pleased with how I haven’t fussed when they’ve put it on and taken it off, as well as impressed with how manly and tough I look!


Many thanks to the great humans at kninecouture who work under the control and employ of an awesome shiba named Link (who was recently on FYeahShibaInu sporting a sweet executive collar & leash). Link’s clearly a great shiba executive with a super product line.

's top-10 pet friendly u.s. cities

i’m proud to represent greater phoenix on this list (especially if it means that i earned some extra walks, trips to the dog park, treats or, better yet, all three).

kiyomi the shiba & safe vehicles for dogs

someone on the internet used a pic of kiyomi the shiba in an article talking about safe vehicles for dogs.


many thanks to @malachi_shiba & @tokyoshiba’s humom for passing this along!