another retro/hipstamatic wednesday with taro the shiba!


we took this pic last thursday night. my human, kai, and i were playing in jaycee dog park. a car drove up next to the park and had its headlights on. that was enough light for a pic and we used the hipstamatic app to snap this cool, fall-colored pic that gave interesting texture to my eyes.


another taro shiba hipstamatic/retro wednesday!


it’s a pic of me in late october on tempe town lake. taken on my morning walk, the sun had just come up from behind tempe’s “A” mountain.


it’s taro the shiba’s hipstamatic/retro wednesday!


today i’m sharing a hipstamatic photo we’ve held onto for a while. this pic was taken while waiting for a table at one of the restaurants at the farm at south mountain (an outdoor restaurant in phoenix). the picture is of me eating grass while on a bench; a combination which led me to an extremely odd butt position. but hey, not every retro pic can be flattering!


i hope this imperfect pic reminds you of your own lovable quirks and those amusing idiosyncrasies of the humans and animals in your life.


January 14th is “Dress Up Your Pet Day.” If my humans even think about doing this, I will destroy or defile every item of clothing they own.

to end your work week, it’s another taro shiba bad photo friday!


i call this one: the airplane ears and the waterfall.


i’ll let my human, kai, explain this one: 

taro doesn’t like this one waterfall at the tempe center for the arts. unfortunately for him, i very much enjoy walking by and sitting near that particular waterfall. it’s situated right on tempe town lake and it’s one of my favorite places in all of tempe.  


during one of our walks, i decided i would try to get him to relax around it. my technique: positive reinforcement and his ziwipeak treats. despite this usually effective technique, taro was having none of it. his ears were in full-on airplane mode, and he was quite antsy. giving up, i snapped a few pics of the grumpy shiba and we left.


so, there you have it. unless i’m drinking it, i hate water. the threat of it does funny things to my ears, and being in it does worse things to my coat. i did appreciate the treats, though (you can even see one at the bottom left of the pic).


more classic pics of *trick and taro, together.

(Source: Flickr / _tar0_)

for this week’s taro shiba advertisement… i’m on strike!


my humans thought it would be funny to have me advertise peeled taro. well, humans, that’s not funny. that’s a sick, vile and grim joke at my expense.


supposedly, the above photo was taken in the asian market in phoenix’s cultural center. i certainly won’t be going there any time soon.


so, apologies, my many fans, but there’s no taro shiba advertisement this week. i hope to have settled this labor dispute with my humans/agents by next week. i may have to resort to some extreme tactics: my shiba CEO stare and threats of leashing them up…


taro shiba ceo stare with leash


Pic of me waiting for Kai to take me downstairs for breakfast and a walk. It’s still early, so I’m yawning with some early morning sleepiness.