here are some pics from my saturday late afternoon trip to papago park in phoenix, az.


we had a lakeside, sunset picnic with some family friends. we had a good time, although i’m still kinda scared about the baby. the food, sights and weather were good, though, and there was lots of stuff to sniff out. can’t ask for much more than that!


(Source: Flickr / _tar0_)

rescue shibas available in AZ!

yesterday morning my humans (kai & tra) helped transport kitsunae, a gorgeous three-year-old red female shiba, from her old home to animal guardian network ranch. my humans really enjoyed transporting her; she’s quite lovable and was great in the car. my humans are very hopeful that she’ll be adopted quickly and are certain that she will bring much joy to whichever family adds her to their pack.


once out at the animal guardian network ranch, kai & tra greeted some of the shibas that are there & waiting for adoption. in a perfect world, all these shibas would be coming home to play with me! but, since that’s not an option, i want to publicize the fact that these shibas are all ready for adoption.


shibas ready for adoption



if you or someone you know wants to add a rescue shiba to their lives, please consider contacting carrie at the email address listed in the image above. you can also visit the animal guardian network website to read more about carrie’s work or donate to help out these shibas and other rescue animals.



UPDATE: carrie uploaded to youtube a video of kitsunae & scout playing.



(on flickr, photo taken at aids walk phoenix 2011)


key details of the event:

  • october 2, 2011, 9am, downtown phoenix.
  • walk and 5K run. dogs could walk with “paws for the cause.” tra & i walked (pic), kai ran his first 5K and then came back to walk with us (pic).
  • many benefiting agencies.
  • total funds raised: $338,304.42


it may have been hot, but we all had a great time helping out a great cause. be sure to check out all of our photos from the event (all 88 of them!) on flickr.



(on flickr)


hey there! sorry that i didn’t include a bonus good pic on friday’s post; my hudad wasn’t feeling well and he used that as an excuse to just help me post the one pic.


well, he’s feeling better now and, to make up for his transgression, he’s *finally* helped me prepare our pics from our post-christmas meetup with conker, rinji and mika for release. click over to flickr to see pics of us hanging out in an agility park in phoenix.


also, some bonus pics of shiba butts: