for taro shiba’s bad photo friday… this is me in rinji & mika’s awesome backyard. i made a funny face when some of the humans went inside.

from the shiba mini-meetup in tempe a couple of weeks ago… tokyo shiba & i like to stride in sync.

on saturday, i went over to have a play date with @shiba_rinji and his big sis, Mika. i really do love hanging out with them. they’ve got a great backyard and it’s fun to play games with Rinji while Mika plays referee. 


my favorite game? keep the kong air squeaky ball away from the silly shiba puppy. i’m pretty good at it.


i realize Mika’s not in the pic above, so here’s a video of Mika and Rinji being pet by their human grandma. i’m just sniffin’ the porch in the background while they get some human attention and affection.



i love my bald eagle toy! it’s my current favorite toy. i love it so much, i hope my humans will get me a different animal to go with it


it’s made by kyjen and comes with eggs. you put the eggs inside, and i get to steal them. it can be kind of difficult to steal the eggs, but i almost always get ‘em. my humans usually hide a treat behind the eggs so that i’ll work extra hard to get that treat. and when i’m all done, whew, i’m exhausted! i like to follow my playtime with a well-earned nap.


a special thanks to @shiba_rinji, mika and pack for giving me this awesome toy as a christmas gift.


(Source: Flickr / _tar0_)

another pic with my bald eagle toy. i was so tired from playing that the eagle and i took a nap together. my humans thought i was just being cute, but they didn’t realize the eagle and i had called a temporary truce from our intense ’steal the eagle eggs’ game.

it’s thursday, so it’s time for another installment of taro around tempe!


this pic features me while i was hanging out next to the pond at tempe center for the arts. it was early morning and the sun hadn’t quite navigated around tempe’s “A Mountain.” tempe town lake is to the left of the photo and i was looking out over it. 


i realize i’m not very visible, but my humans really liked this pic.


for this week’s taro shiba’s bad photo friday… i just couldn’t keep my eyes open during an early morning dog park visit!

hey humans, can’t i just sleep for 5 more minutes? please?

My dog park buddy, Rambo, is moving to San Francisco this week. I sure will miss him…

today’s taro shiba advertisement is for… old spice!


hello ladies! how are you? fantastic. does your man look like me? no. can he smell like me? yes. should he use old spice body wash and deodorant? you tell me.

…smell like a shiba, with old spice!


with regard to career longevity, i have a real concern as to my perceived shiba masculinity. i realize that, at roughly half the size of the lower bound of AKC male shiba show weight, i’m extremely small. it’s important to me that i don’t get typecast as ‘the cute little shiba’. moreover, i’m sick of strange humans calling me a cute little girl. therefore, i believe i need to demonstrate to my adoring public that i have awesome, attractive male swagger.


so, today, my advertising goes out on the offensive. i’m officially taking over for isaiah mustafa as the new old spice advertising spokesman. (never seen isaiah mustafa? then watch this ad and this ad.) i’ll embody shiba manliness in a way that will make male and female humans unable to resist purchasing old spice products. i’m even using isaiah mustafa’s towel-only look, so as to accentuate my stunning upper torso and mesmerizing brown eyes.


so, there you have it. it’s a new day for taro shiba advertising, and a bold step toward a long career full of diverse roles. and ladies, remember: while your man may not look like me, he can smell like me… with old spice bodywash and deodorant.


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