project dog

hi there! i’m taro, a small, red, male shiba. i’m trying to figure out which photo to submit to project dog (i’m in the rescue category).

can you help me?

please look at the photos above and let me know (via twitter or comment on which one you think is most appropriate for submission. thanks much, internets!

last chance to vote!


please let me know which photo i should use for my project dog profile. respond here in the comments or via my twitter (@_tar0_).


thanks for the help, everyone!

blog roundup & final photo choice for project dog

hi shibas! 2 items today.



1) i’m going to start a links page. please suggest some good shiba blogs and links so i don’t miss any. and, if you like my blog, please add it to your blog roll.



2) my humans will *finally* submit my profile to project dog this weekend. the clear winner in the contest was photo 1 (taro is king of the mountain!).  thanks all for voting!


Taro Shiba is King of the Mountainhowever, there was a bit of a snag… the photo submission size is pretty constricted. and, as cool as the king of the mountain photo is, it’s pretty hard to see me, even after cropping. so, i’m giving you one last chance to weigh in: if you think it’s too difficult to see me in the cropped version of the king of the mountain photo (left), please tell me. if enough people suggest it, i’ll make my humans switch it to a different photo. thx!

taro the shiba on project dog

after a month my humans FINALLY submitted me to project dog ( last week! (scroll down to read my project dog profile or click here to see me, taro the shiba inu, on project dog.)


what is project dog? you can see their mission and a cool slideshow here. In sum, they work to bring dog owners together by emphasizing a shared love of dogs and they work to “ensure that ALL of our four-legged friends get the respect and opportunities they deserve.” my humans and i can definitely get behind that!


currently, though, project dog is getting attention for their dog search.  here’s what they’re doing: “Project DOG is currently looking for purebred and rescued dogs across the country to photograph. The dog search is open until a purebred and rescue dog of each AKC breed are found.” my humans and i saw that Leah the Shiba (@LeahShiba) had used her Shiba Mind Control powers to get her humans to submit an entry of her (Leah Shiba on Project Dog), so i used Shiba Mind Control to make my humans too. it took a month, but it was worth it.


my profile on project dog is below, or you can click here to see me, taro the shiba inu, on project dog.


project dog logoTaro the Shiba Inu

taro the shiba's project dog pic Where do you live?: Tempe, AZ
 Your dog is: rescue
 Dog’s sex: boy
 Dog’s name: Taro (太郎)
 Dog’s Breed: Shiba Inu
 Dog’s Birthday: 11/23/2008
 Dog’s Siblings: None, but our pack hopes to add  another Shiba soon!
 Favorite Food: Tie: Primal Raw Nuggets & Zuke’s  Salmon Jerky Naturals
Favorite Toy: Plush Ikea Soccer Ball
Favorite Place to go: South Mountain Park Preserve (Phoenix, AZ)
Best Trick: Jump up onto knee, used for biweekly visits to patients at memory care units
Best Friend: All his Shiba friends on Twitter! (he’s @_tar0_)
Wildcard: Taro is a super small Shiba (less than half the AKC size for males). He won shortest male at Shibapalooza 2010! Also, he has a website:
Arrival Story:
My wife and I were looking for three things in a dog: 1) a distinct look, 2) a distinct personality & 3) a dog that would keep us active. Shibas are definitely all three!

My family has always favored rescuing, so, in the summer of 2009, my wife and I began scouring petfinder and the internet. Around that same time, Taro’s original owners gave him over to the one Shiba Inu Rescue Association foster family in the Phoenix area. By sheer luck or fate, we saw him shortly after he was posted on their website.

Taro was cute as a button and only 8.5 months and was therefore extremely popular. His popularity meant that there was fierce human competition to adopt him. We were the fourth family that had asked to meet him in just one week! We had two interviews, the second of which was at our home. Once he met us at our house, it was clear that Taro felt very comfortable with us and in his new surroundings. The foster mom said that Taro had, without a doubt, chosen us to be his new family.

Taro came over the next day and has now been with us for more than a year. We couldn’t have asked for a funnier, cuter, more loving or more unique Shiba to share our lives with. He keeps us active, on schedule, and laughing. He’s simply the perfect companion for my wife and I.

Rescue Organization (if rescue): Shiba Inu Rescue Association (