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i’m back from huntington beach and anaheim. all i can say is, wow: it’s a much more fun trip when a group of your shiba friends can share the experience with you!


i’ll be able to share more at length once my typists are all caught up on work (this blog is dictated; my paws are too valuable to risk damaging on a keyboard), but for now i have two activities:

  1. sniff out the best photos to share (as i can be seen doing in the photo above), &
  2. get some shiba rest.


lots and lots to post soon, but in the meantime, please enjoy some great photos and blogs from other shibapalooza/huntington beach shiba attendees:


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kiyomi rests/naps in such predictable positions. so boring.


i think i need to give her lessons on the joys of having a multitude of sleeping positions. you can check out a small sampling of my (sometimes ridiculous) sleeping positions over on flickr.


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it’s a goofy shiba photo friday!


the pillows around here are sometimes made of human (above), but sometimes made of shiba (link here).