an exercise in shiba mind control

my #ShibaMindControl last night was epic.


got male human to take me to Mitchell Dog Park. 1 mile walk each way. except… i used my Shiba powers to make my male human lose his keys at the park! success! result: 2 trips to Mitchell Dog Park.


(male human @OBEYshiba eventually got his keys back)

humans, you can watch your movie at home, but only if you multi-task and throw throw the ball for me! #ShibaNegotiation

taro the shiba

i love going to visit my humans’ relatives; got lots of good food from those humans, and i even convinced my humans to give me some special treats (like Yoghund—frozen yogurt for dogs)… as you other shibas know, it’s always easier to use #ShibaMindControl on those who aren’t used to deflecting our powers or on our own humans when they are distracted!

taro shiba says "delicious!"  taro the shiba

shiba advertisements

my humans have a goal. it’s a simple one, but they hope to achieve it nonetheless. what is it? they hope to get a picture of me onto a post on


the one problem is, doesn’t talk much about dogs (unless there’s a recall on kibble). so, i used my #ShibaMindControl to impart to my humans an ingenious idea: take pictures of me with different brands in our house. it’ll maximize the potential opportunities for me to be the lead photo of a post!


starting on 8/17, i’ll give you our first taro shiba advertisement… stay tuned, shibas! (and feel free to start your own shiba advertisement galleries!)

i finish my anti-inflammatory medicine today. hooray! my humans think it’s actually been making me more hyper. supposedly, they’re looking forward to a calmer shiba. will that happen? i guess we’ll find out in the upcoming installment of…


will he sleep? will they play? will he hide under furniture? will they watch TV? will they have lots of pack activities or will taro the shiba be more independent? who will win? find out tonight!

i’m looking forward to the showdown; surely my shiba mind control powers will prevail. and if not, i can always resort to zooming the shiba 500!

taro the shiba

i sure do love a good car ride.


i love car rides so much, in fact, i asked shiba @Keido for help with Shiba Mind Control to get more car rides. Keido quickly helped me out.


i’m pleased to report, it’s been working well.