hello, world.

i am taro.

i’m a small, red, male shiba inu. so small, in fact, that i’m technically a mameshiba. everyone says i look like a fox, but i can assure you: i’m all shiba.

i own two humans—kai & tra. i allow them to do things for me, including these posts. as we say on twitter, it’s #shibamindcontrol!

if you’re looking to find me, taro the shiba, elsewhere online you can follow me on twitter (handle:@_tar0_) or see my flickr photos (here).

hi there! i’m taro, a small, red, male shiba. i’m trying to figure out which photo to submit to project dog (i’m in the rescue category).

can you help me?

please look at the photos above and let me know (via twitter or comment on tar0shiba.tumblr.com) which one you think is most appropriate for submission. thanks much, internets!

an exercise in shiba mind control

my #ShibaMindControl last night was epic.


got male human to take me to Mitchell Dog Park. 1 mile walk each way. except… i used my Shiba powers to make my male human lose his keys at the park! success! result: 2 trips to Mitchell Dog Park.


(male human @OBEYshiba eventually got his keys back)

last chance to vote!


please let me know which photo i should use for my project dog profile. respond here in the comments or via my twitter (@_tar0_).


thanks for the help, everyone!

humans, you can watch your movie at home, but only if you multi-task and throw throw the ball for me! #ShibaNegotiation

taro the shiba

i love going to visit my humans’ relatives; got lots of good food from those humans, and i even convinced my humans to give me some special treats (like Yoghund—frozen yogurt for dogs)… as you other shibas know, it’s always easier to use #ShibaMindControl on those who aren’t used to deflecting our powers or on our own humans when they are distracted!

taro shiba says "delicious!"  taro the shiba

Fallout from a Rainy Walk/Trip to the Dog Park
Time: This conversation took place at 9:10pm 8.17.2010.
@OBEYshiba: just took a 20 minute walk with @_tar0_; drizzling when we started, pouring before we got home. #VeryWetShiba
@_tar0_: hey @OBEYshiba, you know when I sat in mud 5x at the dog park? and did the shiba zoomies 500 after we got home? payback. #VeryWetShiba
@OBEYshiba: if you keep up the payback but don't let @tli330 and i towel you off, it'll be shiba bath time! #VeryWetShiba
@_tar0_: :::calms down, sits and waits to be toweled off, snuggles with towel::: i'm good! i'm dry! no bath necessary! #CleanEnoughShiba

shibas just love to be under furniture

Yesterday, Dakota (@DakotaTheInu) tweeted:

Crawling under the recliner. What’s wrong wif dat?



Keido under the desk

 Earlier this week, Keido (@Keido) posted this photo (left) showing himself

 under his human’s office desk.







phineas the shiba under the bed

And, before that, Phineas (@PhineastheShiba) posted this photo (right) of   himself under his humans’ bed.





well, i, taro, wanted to join in the under-the-furniture trend (which i love to do!).
here are two recent photos of me under the couch. enjoy!


taro (@_tar0_) under the couch 1


taro (@_tar0) under the couch 2



UPDATE: Keido (@Keido) told us about another shiba under furniture. This time it’s Niko of Our Shiba Inu under a table.