back in july of this year, i went to shibapalooza in southern california. it was hosted by the shiba club of southern california and it took place at tri-city park in placentia. while there, not only did i meet Yuki (@walkingyuki), Kage (@kage_the_shiba) and a bunch of other cool shibas (like Odin, who has one blue eye!), i participated in the shortest male shiba contest and some raffles. we also took lots of pictures (you can see them here, on my flickr).


i was definitely the smallest shiba, and was even shorter than the shortest female (who was just over a year old). i got a cool little gift bag from that contest (prize pic here). it was that treat pack that got me hooked on Zuke’s Salmon Treats and Ziwi Lamb & Liver Good Dog Treats. after the contest, i even took a picture with the tallest male shiba, which Kaiju’s mom thinks is funny (here).


in addition to those cool ‘shortest male shiba’ prizes, my humans and i also won about 5 or 6 different raffle prizes. the picture at the top of this post is a picture of all of our winnings unboxed (plus some other things on my humans’ desk). that’s a lot of stuff to eat, use and play with!


why am i bringing up all this now? well, i, taro the shiba, recently won a prize via the internet. it’s from another shiba and it’s super tasty and i’ll tell you all about it tomorrow! 


in the meantime, have a good wednesday!

(on flickr)


it’s another taro the shiba retro/hipstamatic wednesday!


it’s so sunny (and hot!) here in phoenix, this hipstamatic photo is washed out to the point that it looks like a pic on an infrared camera. it certain cases (like above) it lends a pretty interesting result.


but, even in the mornings, almost any decent shot you get usually has lots and lots of light.


taro shiba, sitting near the fountain at tempe center for the arts.

(on flickr)


have a good wednesday everyone! hope you can avoid excess heat better than we can!



please consider purcashing these awesome handouts to put on cars in parking lots that have dogs inside them. the front side is the pic below and the back side has information about how easily dogs can overheat inside cars. they are made by Yuki the Shiba's human mom, and are available in her etsy store.

a hot dog is not cool