why i don’t need a halloween costume

my humans know that i don’t need a halloween costume.


why is that, you ask? i’ll give you not one, but two reasons:

  • if they put a costume on me, i’m likely to lawyer up and sue for all the pain and distress caused by what i consider to be cruelty to this animal, and
  • a costume is unnecessary as i am capable of portraying many roles sans costume.


among other things, i’ve been known to be:



a ghost

ghost taro shiba

(on flickr)



a football player

taro shiba & a football

(on flickr)



a flautist

taro shiba, a flautist

(on flickr)



a jedi or a monk

taro shiba--jedi or monk?

(on flickr)



a prison inmate

taro shiba wants to come out of the crate

(on flickr)



a scholar

taro shiba, the scholar

(on flickr)



a lumberjack

taro shiba, lumberjack

(on flickr)



a west-coast stoner

taro shiba & in-n-out

(on flickr)



a hungover dog

taro shiba, snaggletooth

(on flickr & in the book ‘animals with hangovers’)



a soccer player

taro shiba, soccer player

(on flickr)



an ikea-made, stuffed-animal version of taro shiba

an ikea-made, stuffed-animal version of taro shiba

(on flickr)



& a zombie taro shiba!

zombie taro shiba

(on flickr)



clearly, no costume necessary for this pooch. but, even if you’re wearing a costume or if you put one on your pooch, i hope you all have a happy and safe halloween!



taro shiba jack-o-lantern

(taro shiba jack-o-lantern on flickr)